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If you are an entrepreneur with big dreams, but just a little clumsy with technology, or perhaps limited on time to spend on marketing and invoicing, you have found your refuge from the ‘wild things’! Yes, for some – perhaps you, focusing on your craft and connecting with your clients are what this journey is all about. The paperwork, the marketing, the designing, some find a little, no… a lot scary.

My goal is to help elevate your business and online presence by helping you engage more regularly with your current clients, while attracting new ones. My philosophy is to teach you all I know so that you can fly solo… if you choose. Either way, it’s a win-win! By structuring and setting achievable business goals together, whether for your online connections or in your brick and mortar operations, I hope to help you build a foundation for productivity, growth and prosperity. Tap into my 35 years of office technology experience and creative spirit to help “shine a light on your business”.

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Inspirations and Tips

Lucy is by far the best online resource person I have ever worked with, a breath of fresh air! – Montreal, QC., Canada

Chris C.

Lucy is truly a gem! I love how she works and how creative she is. Her value has been endless to my business, and so very much appreciated, in so many ways. I would highly recommend her! – Toronto, ON., Canada


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