Whether you offer health and wellness services or sell high-tech instruments, you want to spend your time mostly on creating and working on your craft. If keeping track of your media pages and clients’ email addresses is not your idea of living the dream, I can take that off your hands! Go do what you do best, and leave the rest to me!

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** Introductory prices, in place since June 2019 were slightly increased August 31, 2020. A new review will take place January 1, 2021. Schedule your discovery call soon to see how affordable the services are!!**

Writing Service

You want to engage more regularly with your clients but don’t have the time or know-how to connect.  Staying current, relevant and hip at the same time might be quite the juggling act.  If this is you, tell me what you want to tell your clients and I’ll string the words together to let them know you’re thinking of them!  Ask me about Blog Services with varied lengths and prices!!

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WordPress Website Content & Design Service

You’ve always wanted your own dot com but were too afraid to tread those icy waters!  It’s not that scary, really! Let me help you navigate! Using beautiful, functional and simple themes from, a website can be created in no time at all. No coding and no developer to be tethered to. I can set it up so you can manage your site once I step back, because it’s that simple! Start with a two or three page website and then let it grow! If you prefer to go with a platform like Blogger, we can do that too. Ask me about the difference between them to help you make an informed decision.  If you don’t have any images to upload, no worries, I have a favourite site with awesome and royalty-free images to create a website of your dreams.  

Starting rate: $350* for 3-page website

* Fee does not include WordPress annual fee.  Contact me for more details on how to get started!!

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Social Media Content & Design Service

So, you want a Facebook page!  Nowadays, everybody and their pet has a Facebook Page.  People just want to know… stuff!  The “interacting with current and potential clients game” is still fought on the internet!  Studies show that upon waking, 80% of social media users will open their Facebook or Instagram first to see what’s up!  Well, I’ll tell you what’s up… it’s your business front and center!  Together we can create a visually stimulating page with constant updates and sharing.  Bring attention to your special event or run a promo because it’s your birthday!  I can show you how, so contact me as soon as you finish reading this, and “let’s get this party started”!  Are you still wondering what the other 20% are doing?  Yes, me too!

* The cost, $150 includes a launch-ready Facebook Business Page and Instagram account, 150 word content for About and Services tabs, 5 custom-made images for posting, and 15 consecutive days of support from launch date.

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Transcription Service

Back in the day, dictating a message into a “tape” recorder, yes I said tape, was the easiest way for an employer to move tasks off of their desk. There were typewriting pools set up in large rooms and the tapping of the keys was audible from far distances. Today, doctors, lawyers, even students, find it easier to dictate their findings into a digital device, but then find it a tedious task to transcribe.  Reach out and let me know how I can help! To additional information on this service, please complete the form below

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Proofreading and Editing Services

Are you a student who has reviewed their research paper too many times to see any typos, or weak sentence structures?  Is English not your first  language and that business letter must be just right? You have lots of thoughts to share but struggle with stringing words together so others get it? With years of experience proofreading research papers and business letters, I can help you polish your work so that it is ready for submission! There are 3 different services to choose from.

Proofreading and minor editing: correcting cosmetic errors and usually the last step of the writing process

Rate: $0.05/word

Copy Editing: improving style and formatting; confirming accuracy of information; tagging and correcting inconsistencies; ensuring that the style flows as well as being grammatically correct.

Rate: $0.07/word

Content Editing:  the work is much more intensive; may need to add things that were left out or re-write sections of content; can include some level of content creation along with making corrections.

Rate: $0.08/word

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Email Campaigns using MailChimp Service

Delivering promotions, special events, announcements of all kinds to your clients has become easier with a great little tool called MailChimp.  Uploading all of your contacts into one place where you can instantly tag all, or some on your next big campaign is quick easy and efficient.  Each campaign creates a specific report to record statistics of the activity around your email campaign to help you better manage how you communicate in your business . The service includes manual or digital transfer of email addresses, ensuring they are accurate, and your first campaign launch!

Rate: $75.

Rate: $50 for campaign including images and template and schedule delivery only

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Product Description for Online Shop Service

If you want to sell your items online, you need riveting images and compelling text.  Describing your item so that it sells itself is what I can help you achieve. Painting images, and provoking emotions and thought with words, is my favourite writing style when I am not transcribing a legal text! Let your items sell themselves with rich and hypnotic suggestion.

Rate: $0.10/word

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Newsletter Set-up 

Let’s deliver your message on any platform polished, posted, and published! Sharing your thoughts, expertise and experiences to help others thrive is honourable and to be celebrated! Congratulations on taking this step to express yourself with the world! If you don’t know where to begin, if you are reading this, you took the first step forward. Let me help you ‘shine a light’ on your awesomeness! You provide the content, and I will provide the matching images, with text if you wish to repurpose them in future posts, set up, upload and delivered.

Rate: $50

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Image Design for Social Media Service

If you need an image with text for a promotion, a celebration, or a campaign to post on Social Media, this Service is ideal. I will provide 3 samples to choose from, and edits are included in the fee. Take your design from virtual to real, with marketing tools such as business cards, postcards, labels, banners and decals for mugs and t-shirts!

Rate: $25/image design (bulk pricing available)

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Social Media Posting Calendar Service

You are proficient with social media posting, sharing commenting etc. You post every day on your Facebook Business Page and on Instagram but are running out of ideas and don’t want to share too many posts and images coming from others. This year- and month-at-a-glance package is all you’ll ever need to get ahead of the posting on social media. We will review your products or services, and match some unique ideas to what is happening each month. Know in advance what is coming up and with the cool scheduling tool on Facebook, you can set your posts in advance. Then, all you need to do, is easily share on your other platforms within seconds.

Deadline to order 2021 calendar: January 15th, 2021

(Early Bird Special by October 15th and receive an additional 3 design posts for Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s promotions or advertisements.)

Rate: $95

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Monthly Social Media Maintenance Service

Using your Month at a Glance posting calendar (from the Custom Year at a Glance Service), provide the uploading of daily posts (Monday to Friday with exceptions for weekends) with content on your Facebook Business Page. Posts may include videos.

Create timely posts around holidays, events, and promotions. All posts will be shared on specific Facebook pages/groups and on other platforms like Instagram. Will regularly search for similar pages to connect with to expand your reach.

Service includes one new image design per week (4) for a promotion or event ($80 total value when purchasing any Social Media Service).

Rate: $150/month

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‘PICK MY BRAIN’ Services

Pick My Brain (1 hour)

Are you in the middle of a project and suddenly become stuck on how to do something? Are you creative and resourceful but need a few tips and tricks to elevate your skills? Do you want to learn the basics of Canva, MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram, and more?


Pick My Brain (90 minutes)

Show me what you’ve done so far and I’ll help you finish it up! Via Zoom, we can share screens and get your project moving forward and gain added skills for the future! 90 minutes will cover lots of items on your “to do list” so bring it along and let’s get it done!!


Pick My Brain Monthly Service (30 consecutive days)

If you are working on a particular project that requires regular assistance over the short-term, this is a great deal to consider. Accomplish your goal with assistance just a phone call or Zoom session away. (30 consecutive day period) Keep me on your speed dial! Enjoy a super discount for 30 straight days of support. Support includes TWO 90-minute Pick My Brain Zoom calls (value $140), TWO 15 minute ’emergency’ Zoom or phone call assistance (value $50) and FIVE custom image designs ($125) TOTAL VALUE: $315


Proud graduate of the program! I love to update my toolbox so that I can share it all with you to help you take your project to the next level!

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Get a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION with me to determine your business or project needs and get the ball rolling on moving you forward. My services are all available in English only at this time. Rates are available by the hour, by the day, and by the project, whatever your project needs! Let’s discuss the details. I’m ready whenever you are!

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Hi, my name is Lucy and I send you a cheery Bonjour from Montreal, Canada!  I look forward to meeting you to help you “Shine a Light on Your Business“.

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